Our Purpose

Restore. Disciple. Send.

1.  Restore. We are all sinner in need of grace. God gives us the free gift of grace through His Son. We recognize that need when He draws us and we accept that free gift. You are a sinner in need of grace who then becomes a Child of God in need of grace – that’s why it’s called amazing.

2.  Disciple.  We learn more and more about Him. We grow in our faith through a process called sanctification. As we grow we become more confident in Him and look for opportunities to bring Him glory.

3.  Send.  This occurs when growing people accept their calling and begin their ministry to multiply the Kingdom, bringing glory to God.


What we teach:

1.  God wrote the Bible through the men He inspired. It is inspired and useful and His revelation of who He is.

2.  Jesus was born of a virgin. He is without sin.  He was fully God and was fully man.

3.  Jesus died on the cross to pay the price for our sin.

4.  Jesus was raised from the dead. He was seen by many. These witnesses and God’s Word prove Jesus was God.

5.  We believe the gifts of the Spirit are still active.  The Holy Spirit is here and is active and gifts believers as needed.  We are free to utilize those gifts as the Holy Spirit guides.  We also recognize that the gifts might be different for each person and they are not deal breakers when it comes to Christian fellowship and unity.

6.  Jesus is coming back, like He said He would.

7.  We believe in one God.  God exists as three persons, distinct, yet one – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

8.  We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ (Sola Fide).

9.  We believe in the practices of the church ordinances: baptism, the Lord’s Supper.  These are memorials and remembrances for the church and community and are not a means for or to salvation.

10.  We believe in the absolute Sovereignty of God.  He is Lord and King of all for all time.

11.  We believe in the autonomy of the local church.  The church shall manage its own affairs and shall not be subject to any other religious body or organization

12. We believe that Jesus Christ is the head of this, and every church. He will guide and direct everything we do. We will listen to him through prayer and His Word.


Church Leaders

Lead Pastor – Chris Tsotsoros
Worship Pastor – Sonny Reynolds